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Who are we?

For mothers, by mothers.

We are a dream team of mothers who want the absolute best for their little ones, just like you.

As mothers, we know that every milestone and achievement counts, especially the ones along your baby’s feeding journey, from birth and well into toddlerhood. Having witnessed every mishap and mistake of the feeding journey ourselves, our team has developed a new golden standard for your baby’s feeding evolution and growth, and it all starts with just one bottle.

The feeding journey

When a baby is born and begins to bloom, a mess-and-stress-free feeding journey is an essential start to life, for both babies and their mothers. But of all the challenges that motherhood brings, feeding your babies and toddlers shouldn’t be one of them.

In our mission to optimize the baby’s feeding journey, Blühen strives to help mothers access more efficient tools they can trust every step of the way. Ultimately, a more simplified, intuitive, and versatile approach to feeding is exactly what mothers and babies need for the best possible feeding journey.

Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we have created.

Start your Blühen Story

Say goodbye to the frequent messes and leaks, tough-to-clean containers, and complicated bottle components that you constantly end up misplacing or disorganizing. Blühen is your simple solution for every stage of your baby’s life, from newborn to toddler.


Our multi-use, flexible, mess-proof bottles do not just make feeding time much easier and more intuitive for busy mothers; they are also innovatively designed to make bottle-feeding feel much more natural for your baby too, at whatever feeding stage they are in.

With award-winning baby bottles designed for optimized functioning, we are now on a mission to share what we’ve learned and created with mothers all over the world.

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