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Blühen Baby
Blühen Baby
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Blühen Baby

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We know babies, and we know bottles.

With innovatively designed baby bottles for optimized functioning, we are now on a mission to share what we’ve learned and created with mothers all over the world.

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One Bottle, Limitless Possibilities

Feed your newborn up from birth and well into toddlerhood with just one bottle. Our baby bottles can transform to fit 4 different feeding stages, depending on your baby’s journey.

Intuitive Function

When it comes to intuitive functioning and optimized efficiency, Blühen baby bottles set the standard for easy cleaning, seamless feeding adjustments, and perfect storage.

Innovative Design

Blühen baby bottles are made with top- quality medical-grade material, easy-grip ergonomic design, interconnecting storage lids, and incredible anti-leak security.

Optimized Comfort

The realistic design and functioning of Blühen baby bottles and nipples allow for babies to experience a much more comfortable journey throughout their different feeding stages.

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Is nipple confusion real?

Is nipple confusion real?

Having a little one means a lifetime full of choices. From the moment a baby comes into the world the options are never-ending, and one of the firs...

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