Bluhen Nipples

₱399 ₱500

Blühen nipples are one treat of a teat for your little one! Designed to mimic the real feel of breasts, Blühen silicone nipples are ultra-soft and flexible, allowing for babies to easily apply their natural sucking actions. Thanks to this innovative and natural design, your baby will experience the smoothest transition from breast to bottle, and back again.

What makes our silicone nipples so easy for you and your baby?

Natural Nipple Shape & Feel

Our super soft silicone nipples are elliptical in shape, promoting a natural latch-on, just as your baby would engage with your breast. This makes it super easy on mom, who can now combine breast and bottle feeding as needed, without nipple confusion. 

Off-Center Nipple Design

Blühen nipples are also off-center for optimal functioning, allowing you to feed your baby more easily in a natural upright position, without having to completely invert the bottle. This also helps prevent air mixing with milk, reducing any risk of discomfort. 

Anti-Colic Vent Technology

If your baby suffers from colic, our innovative anti-colic Airflo™ vent technology is designed to reduce any discomfort or colic by venting air away from your baby's milk.

Age-Specified Nipple Design

For any baby’s first year of life, we have carefully crafted 4 different stages of nipples to work with as he or she begins the feeding journey. Each design is specifically catered to either newborns, or 1-month old, 6-month old, and 9-month old babies.

  • Stage 1: Newborn
  • Stage 2: One Month+
  • Stage 3: Six Months+
  • Stage 4: Nine Months+

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