Bluhen Training Sippy™ Cap

₱277 ₱400

Make your child’s transition from baby bottles to sippy cups as easy as it gets. If you want to train your little one to turn away from the teat, the Blühen Training™️ Sippy Cap will be his or her greatest companion. As the sippy cap works to help your child mature into the proper way of drinking, this neat alternative for a teat will ensure zero mess or leaks for you or your baby. 

  • 100% leak-proof, spill-proof design
  • BPA-free, lead-free, food-grade material

Functioning as an effortless transition for both mom and baby, the Blühen Training™️ Sippy Cap is easily adjustable to our Blühen bottle, which features a kid-friendly, triangular shape that is ergonomically curated to your child’s grip. Even better, the sippy cap’s innovative functioning will make training from teat to sippy cap an absolutely seamless experience for your little one. 

What's in the box? 

  • Training™️ Sippy Adaptor
  • Straw and Gravity Ball
  • Bottle body sold separately

When should my baby start using a training sippy cup?

  • Most babies start training between 6-9 months old, or when water and other liquids are introduced into their diets.
  • The Blühen Training™️ Sippy Cap is appropriate for babies and toddlers aged 6 months to 2 years of age.

How do I teach my baby to drink from a sippy cup? 

  • For initial use, teach your baby to drink from the sippy without the lid on it first. 
  • Then, put just a teaspoon or two of liquid in at a time and help her raise the cup to her mouth.
  • Once your baby understands that there's liquid inside the cup, put the lid on.
  • Try this a few times until your baby has gotten the hang of it.

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