Bluhen Level Up™ Spout

₱277 ₱400

Training your child to drink independently may be a bitter-sweet experience for us moms, but it’s certainly an important milestone of a baby’s development. If you want your baby to mature along their feeding journey more easily, the Blühen Level Up™ Spout will seamlessly prepare him or her for the ability to drink out of a cup without the help of sippy caps or teats.

  • 100% leak-proof, spill-proof design
  • BPA-free, lead-free, food-grade material

That’s right – it’s yet another one of our interchangeable adaptors created for our multi-use Blühen bottle, which effortlessly transforms from baby bottle to sippy cup, all the way to independent training. As your child transitions from one stage to the next, our ergonomically advanced bottle shape will consistently ensure the easiest grip throughout their journey. 

What’s in the box?

  • Level Up™ Spout Adaptor
  • Bottle body sold separately

When should my baby start training to drink independently?

  • Most toddlers will start to learn how to drink independently from a cup at age 2.
  • The Blühen Level Up™ Spout is appropriate for toddlers aged 2 years or older.

How does the Blühen Level Up™ Spout work?

  • As the adaptor slowly introduces the liquid to your baby’s mouth, your baby has an easier time learning how to drink and swallow independently without making a mess.


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